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I am retired from working after 42 years. At age 55 now, I'm pretty tired and just want to relax awhile. I don't want to nod off though.

Don't you remember growing up, there was always the kid that was "good" at something. My teachers always encouraged me to write, saying I had a really good imagination. That didn't carry weight anywhere. Blah Blah blah

I have had an interesting life that uniquely qualifies me to be an odd-ball. My stage entrance was as a truant teen and I've pretty much run full throttle ever since. No great deeds here. Alot of troubling things. Alot of really good stuff too. I would just like to hang out here for awhile and maybe talk, maybe contribute, maybe entertain my fantasies. Did I say that out loud?

If anyone should have any questions for me, about me, whatever, just let me know.

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